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Words from the Chairman

Chair words
       Economics is the mother of business, and after the social sciences, it is the basic discipline for cultivating the talents required by various public and private institutions and research institutions. The department adopts a three-group, professional and modularized course of homology and repair, and advocates the teaching route of "free learning style, flexible learning, cross-domain integration, and practical orientation." In addition, the department also has master's classes and master's in-service special classes. In addition to the smooth progress of the study and training channels, the strong R & D capabilities and interpersonal contexts allow you to have a broader career after completing your studies.
           Foguang University adheres to the tenet of “Building Talents by Education”, the founder of Xing Yun Master and Million School. The students have enjoyed national university fees for four years, and there are various scholarships and work channels. The Five Schools of Fo Guang Shan (Foguang University, Nanhua University, Xilai University, Nantian University, Philippine Bright University), overseas Dojo, and International Sisters School provide you with a shortcut to internationalization.

         In addition, the graduates' employment rate and average salary are better than the average of public and private colleges and universities across the country. Choose Foguang University, let you fly after the graduation, and compare with others to win the starting point of career.